There are several options for accommodations in Bamfield, including traditional motel & fishing lodge accommodations as well as vacation rentals, but to get the most out of your Bamfield Tuna Shootout experience, we recommend staying where the action is happening. Check out these three options:

Mills Landing

Mills Landing is an oceanfront cottage resort on the west side of Bamfield and is the location of our weigh-in station and other events throughout the shootout. With four cottages, it is sure to fill up quickly, so make sure to book your spot right away.

McKay Bay Lodge

McKay Bay Lodge is also on the west side of Bamfield. With both a main lodge and 2 cabins, Brian and Cheryl are excited to welcome you.

Seabeam Lodge

The Seabeam is located a little further away from the action but brings a peacefulness that can only be found in Grappler Inlet. You also have your choice of cabin, house or lodge accommodations here.