CHASING TUNA from Ascent Helicopters on Vimeo.

Each September, the small coastal fishing village of Bamfield, British Columbia plays host to one of Canada’s most exciting fishing events. Originating in 2011, The Bamfield Tuna Shootout is Canada’s first albacore tuna fishing derby. The event began earnestly with 3 boats and 11 anglers working together to target albacore and has since grown to nearly 50 boats and more than 200 anglers in recent years.

The objective of this event is to allow anglers to experience this relatively new and quickly expanding albacore sport fishery as successfully and safely as possible. By working together as a fleet, boats are able to cover vast amounts of water and consistently hone in on offshore schools. The constant communication and relatively close proximity of boats also gives an added degree of safety when in the offshore waters.

In addition to promoting the albacore fishery, The Bamfield Tuna Shootout is proud to support the Pacific Salmon Foundation. Last year we were able to donate $5000 to the organization who is leading the charge in the rebuilding of British Columbia’s wild salmon.